Three Ways to Add Audio to Google Slides

One of the questions that new Google Slides users often ask me is, “how do I add music to the slides?” In the early days of Google Slides that wasn’t possible at all. Today, there are three methods that you can use to add music to Google Slides.

AudioPlayer for Google Slides is a free Add-on that will let you add music to the background of a presentation created with Google Slides. The music that you add through the Add-on can loop in the background throughout the course of your presentation. Watch my video to learn how to use AudioPlayer for Google Slides.

The only problem with the AudioPlayer for Google Slides Add-on is that your music plays over all of the slides. If you want audio to only play on specific slides, you’ll want to use the methods that I’ve outlined in the videos below.

To add music to Google Slides you should find a YouTube video that contains music that is Creative Commons licensed. The best option, is to use a video that you own and that has music you have the rights to use. Once you’ve found a video then you can insert it into your Google Slides. Shrink the video to the smallest possible size so that it’s hard for viewers to see. Finally, use the video options menu in Google Slides to have the music video automatically start playing when you advance the slide. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to add music to Google Slides.

You can use the same basic process as is outlined above to add spoken audio to your Google Slides. That process is explained in my following video.

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