Solve Me Puzzles – Play or Create Math Puzzles

Solve Me Puzzles is a free site provided by the nonprofit Education Development Center. The site offers free math puzzles for students to play and templates for teachers to use to create math puzzles.

Solve Me Puzzles features three basic puzzle types. The Who Am I? puzzles feature a little robot character that students identify by correctly solving word problems like “my value is even, my value is greater than six, my value is less than ten.” The Mystery Grid puzzles have students slide numbers into a grid to correctly complete the patterns that are started in the grid presented to them. The Mobiles puzzles ask students to enter the correct values to balance a virtual mobile.

Applications for Education
All of the Solve Me Puzzles can be used as templates for creating your own puzzles. To create a puzzle simply choose “build” instead of “play” after you select a puzzle on the Solve Me Puzzles home screen. You will need to create an account on the site in order to save your work.


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