Quizalize Launches New Insights Features

Quizalize is one of my favorite tools for creating and hosting quiz games. One of the aspects of Quizalize that I have liked since it launched is the option to run quiz games as at-home activities instead of just in-class activities (Kahoot launched a similar option last fall). The other aspect of Quizalize that I have always appreciated is the amount of information that teachers can receive about how their students are performing on individual quizzes and on standards across multiple quizzes.

This week Quizalize introduced a couple of new ways to get insights into how your students are performing on the quizzes that you give to them. First, you can now view insights while a game is being played. Second, you can show the questions on which students are having the most difficulty without showing your students’ names. That feature could be great for showing your class how they did as a whole and which questions or topics you’ll need to review with them.

If you have never tried Quizalize, watch my video to see how it works.


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