18 Sets of Free to Use and Reuse Pictures and Videos

The Library of Congress is a great place to find a lot of media that is in the public domain. The only problem with finding material on the LOC’s website is just that, it’s often hard to find. In an attempt to begin to remedy that situation the Library of Congress has started to publish collections of free to use and reuse media.

The Library of Congress has eighteen sets of free to use and reuse images and videos. The sets are arranged thematically except for the public domain films set which seems to be just a random sampling of what is available from the National Film Registry. Each set has about twenty items. The header description above each set will lead you to a larger collection of images and videos.

Applications for Education
These sets of images and videos from the Library of Congress could be great for history students who are creating videos or other multimedia presentations. It’s important to note that the images can be downloaded in a variety of sizes. Students will want to download the largest size possible for use in videos or slideshows.


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