Tutorials on Organizing OneNote

To most outside observers my notebooks, both digital and physical, are a hot mess. That’s because I rarely employ tags, folders, or any of the other traditional methods used to organize a notebook. The only time I do use tags and folders is when I am working on specific research project. The rest of the time I just jot things down and then search for them later, if I need them. For me the processes of note-taking and bookmarking are largely exercises in triggering mental notes (plus, I usually write a blog post about whatever it is I bookmark or make a note about).

I know that my process doesn’t work for most people and in some cases triggers anxiety when viewed by people who like structure in their notebooks. Most people need tags and folders to make their digital notebooks work for them. If that’s you, might benefit from using folders in Microsoft OneNote. The following two videos provide excellent overviews of how to create and organize notebooks in OneNote.

Part 1

Part 2


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