Three Things I Like About Microsoft Forms

I’ve been a devoted user of Google Docs, Forms, and all things G Suite for more than a decade. I’ve helped thousands of teachers get started with Google Forms. I tell you all that as a way of saying that it takes a lot for me to be happy with an alternative product. But that’s how I feel about the following three aspects of Microsoft Forms.

Feedback Options
I appreciate that I can give feedback to students on each of their responses through the Responses tab on my Microsoft Form. As I view a student’s response sheet I can click the comment icon to give the student individualized feedback on one or all of his or her responses. Yes, you can do similar things in Google Forms, but I just found this a bit more streamlined in Microsoft Forms.

Video & Image Formatting
Just like Google Forms, Microsoft Forms allows you to use videos and images in your questions. In Microsoft Forms videos are automatically resized to fit in the space allotted. Images are displayed to right of the text. Microsoft Forms will also let you add alt text to an image. That text will be displayed when a student places his or her cursor over the image. I used that function to provide a clue for the image I used in this form.

Mobile Preview
This might not be a big deal to some people, but I like the option to preview how my form will look to users who are trying to complete it on their phones. Microsoft Forms will show me both a mobile preview and a desktop preview.

One Thing I Wish Microsoft Forms Had
Microsoft Forms has support for branching logic that direct users to specific questions. However, it doesn’t appear to have support for making independent sections or pages like Google Forms does. To be fair, I’m new to using Microsoft Forms so multiple sections might be a feature that I just haven’t discovered yet.


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