This Add-on Makes It Easy to Create Photo Slideshows

Photo Slideshow is a free Add-on that makes it quick and easy to import an entire Google Photos or Google Drive folder into Google Slides. Once you have installed the Add-on just select either Google Photos or Google Drive and then choose the folder of images that you want to have displayed in a slideshow. Each image in the folder will automatically be placed on a slide. That’s how I made the little slideshow that is embedded below.

There are a few things to be aware of before using the Photo Slideshow Add-on. First, it will randomly crop some images to fit into slides. Second, some images that were captured in landscape mode will be shown in portrait mode. Third, to make your slideshow automatically play in a webpage you will need to make sure that you have enabled “auto play” as illustrated in my screenshot below.

Applications for Education
The Photo Slideshow Add-on for Google Slides could be useful in creating a slideshow to showcase the highlights from a school event like a field trip, play, or athletic event. You can make the slideshow a collaborative effort by having people add images to a shared Google Drive or a shared Google Photos album. In doing it that way you avoid having to give everyone access to edit the slideshow.

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