Add Live Polls and Q&A to Your PowerPoint Slides

Glisser is a live polling and online Q&A platform that offers a free PowerPoint add-in. Glisser’s free PowerPoint add-in will sync your slides to Glisser’s online service. With Glisser activated you can ask multiple choice poll questions or let your audience submit their own questions much like the Q&A feature for Google Slides.

To use Glisser’s free PowerPoint add-in just create your slides as you normally would. Then with the add-in activated select “sync” followed by “go live” in your PowerPoint deck. While presenting live you can use a Glisser’s keyboard shortcuts to toggle between your slides and your polls.

Applications for Education
If you’re in the habit of using PowerPoint to deliver lessons to your students, Glisser’s free PowerPoint add-in could provide you with a way for students to submit questions and then vote for the questions that they want you to answer first. You could also use Glisser’s PowerPoint add-in to build questions to use as quick warm-up quizzes at the start of a lesson.


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