Add Audio to Google Slides With This Add-on

One of the things that almost every new Google Slides user wants to know the answer to is, “how can I add music to my presentation?” Last year I shared two methods for doing that. And for 2018 there is a third method that I am recommending. That method is to use the Audio Player for Google Slides Add-on.

Audio Player for Google Slides is a free Add-on that will enable you to play music in the background of your Google Slides presentation. It will work with any audio file that you have stored in your Google Drive account.

To use Audio Player for Google Slides simply activate the Add-on then choose that audio file that you want to have played in the background of your presentation. You can specify an start and end time for your file. It is also possible to have your audio file loop continuously throughout your presentation.

Applications for Education
Audio Player for Google Slides could be the perfect solution for students and teachers who want to have some soft background music in their Google Slides presentations. Remember to remind students to be mindful of copyright restrictions when selecting music to use in their presentations. Just because they have purchased the rights to download and listen to a song doesn’t mean they have rights to use that song in a public presentation.

Check out the Free Music Archive for free, copyright free music to use in a presentation. also has an extensive library of music that is in the public domain.

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