Ancient Egypt 101 – A Six Minute Primer

Ancient Egypt 101 is a new video produced by National Geographic. The video doesn’t reveal any new information or go into any great detail. What it does provide is a concise overview of the history of ancient Egypt and how some aspects of ancient Egyptian culture are still present today.

Applications for Education
One of the nice things about using videos like this in your classroom or sharing it for students to watch on their own, is that it can give them a slightly different presentation of material that you may have already covered in a lesson. Sometimes just seeing the information presented in a different manner can make the difference that makes it all “click” for a student.

An activity that you can do after students watch the video is to have them “fill in the gaps” by creating a detailed, multimedia timeline of Ancient Egypt. Timeline JS is a good tool for doing that. It is one of the tools featured in my self-paced course, Teaching History With Technology.


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