Intro to U.S. Involvement in WWI – And What Kids Say About Tom Richey’s Videos

Tom Richey recently released a new video for students in U.S. history courses. The United States in World War I is a video in which Tom provides students with an overview of why the United States got involved in the war, why U.S. involvement was significant, and Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points. It’s hard to provide depth in a ten minute, but Tom does a great job of providing students with an overview of U.S. involvement in WWI. Watch the video as embedded below.

Tom has more than 87,000 followers on YouTube. Most of them are students. Here are some recent comments from students:

“I already passed AP US History last year, but I still watch your videos.”

“I love your videos, always helping me out before a quiz!”

“Thank you! I have a APUSH DBQ tomorrow and this video definitely helped me get an idea of what a good dbq should be.”

“I’m not even in AP EURO anymore but I love these videos so much!”

How does Tom make videos that get comments like these? Find out next week in How To Teach With Video.


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