Read&Write Assistive Technology App

Read and Write is an extension from texthelp that is designed to help students feel more confident with reading and writing. Teachers can get free access by installing the extension then filling out a request on this page. Once you complete this step, your trial account will be converted to a premium account for one full year.

This assistive technology app makes text more accessible for students. One of the features of this app is that it include the both text and picture dictionaries. Students highlight a word and then they can either view the definition of the word or view an image that represents the word. Students can also use the FactFinder button to access a Google search that contains a highlighted word. There is another feature that allows students to highlight text and collect it in a new Google Doc or opt to have the words turned into a vocabulary list. If they choose the vocabulary option, a Google Doc is automatically generated which contains a table and has a column for the word, its meaning, a symbol for the word, and a blank column where students can write notes or use the word in a sentence.

One of the most useful aspects of Read&Write is the read back feature. This feature allows the students to select text on a Google Docs, website and common file types to be selected and read back to them.

Applications for Education
Students of all ages could benefit from some or all of the features found in this app. Students who are learning how to read or who struggle with reading can use Read&Write to have text read to them at their own pace. Students could use this app to create their own customized vocabulary lists.


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