Meet Google Pixel Buds

Pixel Buds, one of Google’s latest pieces of hardware, were unveiled yesterday at an event in San Francisco. These wireless earbuds will work with any phone, but provide the best experience when paired with a Pixel phone. When used with a Pixel, the user has full access to Google Assistant through touch sensors located on the earbud. You can control the volume as well as play and pause music. You can also access Google Assistant to send texts and ask for direction, all without removing the device from your pocket. The Pixel Buds will last for about 5 hours on one charge. 

The feature that caught my attention was the translation feature. When the Pixel Buds are paired with a Pixel, the user will have access to a new feature called automatic translation. The video below shows how this works. 
Pixel Buds are not cheap. A pair will set you back $159. There are other viable options for translating conversations. The Google Translate app and Skype Translator translate both text and speech and both options are free. 

Applications for Education
Apps and devices that help break down language barriers have the potential to allow students to learn from more people than ever before. They truly help flatten the world by removing barriers to communication.  


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