Library of Congress Congressional Data Challenge

The National Data Challenge from the Library of Congress is a competition that is asking “citizen coders” to develop creative ways to use technology to analyze, visualize, and interpret data sets from as well as other platforms. The idea is to create a product that helps others discover, use, and explore the massive collection of legislative information that is available from the Library. 

Some examples of what the staff at the Library of Congress envision include:

  • A visualization of how the legislative process works. 
  • Tools that could be embedded on Congressional websites. 
  • A tool that will allow members of congress to be matched with other members who have similar legislative interests. 
 The Library of Congress will award $5000 to the first prize winner and $1000 for the best high school project.  Submissions must be received by April 2, 2018 and include a 2-minute video. 
Applications for Education
This could be a project that students could work on for a coding class or after school coding club. 

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