Kahoot, Copyright, Drive – September in Review

Good evening from Montgomery, Alabama where I am preparing to give a couple of presentations tomorrow at the Alabama Independent Schools Association conference. I’m looking forward to meeting many teachers tomorrow. That’s my favorite part of speaking at conferences. If you’d like to bring me to your conference, please click here for more information.

The picture in this post is one that I took five years ago this month. I completely forgot that I had taken it while driving down the Columbia Icefields Parkway in 2012. I’m sharing it to point out a feature of Google Photos. If you back-up your Android phone to Google Photos you can use Google Assistant to help you rediscover pictures that you took years ago.

As I do every month, I have compiled a list of the most popular posts of the previous month.

Here are the most popular posts of September, 2017:
1. Kahoot Launches a New Mobile App – Play Games in Classroom or at Home
2. Copyright Lessons for Students and Teachers
3. Kahoot Launches a New Collection of Math Games
4. Grids, Timelines, and Notes in Google Slides
5. 5 Free Resources for Math Teachers Using Chromebooks
6. How to Install Backup and Sync for Google Drive
7. Constitution Day Virtual Field Trip to the U.S. Senate
8. Fraction Mash – A Neat App for Elementary School Math Lessons
9. Ten Great Tools for Telling Stories With Pictures – A PDF Handout
10. A Fun Geography Game for All

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