Grants for Teachers

Most of us could use more money for our classrooms. Whether we need to by basics like tissues and glue or we need funds to take students on a field trip, there is grant money available that can help us out. I have done some research and want to share some of the sites I have found with you. You will still have to invest the time to apply, but hopefully this post will save you some valuable time.

One thing to keep in mind about grants is that many ask for very similar information. Keep this information in a Google Doc so that it is easy to get to. You can easily keep track of demographic information in a Doc as well. Just remember to update it each year.

  • Tech & Learning Grants Central – This website provides tips about writing grants as well as links to grants that are posted by their deadlines. 
  • CenturyLink Grants Teachers and Technology Grants– this is open to all educators who live in a region this is served by CenturyLink. A simple series of questions at the beginning of the grant will tell you if you are qualified or not. 
  • DonorsChoose– This service can be used to request funds to improve your classroom or for professional development. There are a few steps involved when setting up a DonorsChoose project, but it is a really good program. 
  • Grants– List of 20 grants available to teachers. 
  • GrantWatch– Searchable list of grants for teachers. 
  •– hundreds of grants specifically for education.
  • TeachersCount– Dozens of grants that include a description, deadline, and maximum award. 

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