Games to Sharpen Geography Skills

These games provide students with fun and engaging ways to learn geography. They are a good way for students to explore new places on their own.

Smarty Pins Combines geography and trivia. There are lots of categories to choose from including arts & culture, science & geography, sports & games, entertainment, and history & current events.

Pursued tests your ability to use clues around you to escape your captors. Work through different levels and have fun exploring locations from around the world.

Geoguessr You are dropped into random locations and you have to use clues around you to guess your location by exploring using Google Street View.

Geosettr allows you to create a game where you customize up to five different locations. This is great for reviewing locations.

Geography Games for Kids are designed for younger students to learn about countries, capitals, and longitude and latitude.

Learn all about using Google Maps and Earth in many subject areas in the upcoming To Geography & Beyond With Google Maps & Earth


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