SeeSaw 101 – How to Get Started Making SeeSaw Digital Portfolios

For the last couple of years SeeSaw has been my first choice for a digital portfolio tool. It works well on all platforms and it’s equally easy to use on all platforms. But if you need a little help getting started on SeeSaw, SeeSaw 101 is there for you.

SeeSaw 101 is a set of self-guided tutorials on using the SeeSaw platform to create digital portfolios. SeeSaw 101 includes text, slides, and videos throughout each course.

SeeSaw can be used on all grade levels. However, a third grade teacher and a tenth grade teacher will use it in different ways. That’s why SeeSaw 101 is divided into four sections. There’s a section for pre-K through second grade, a section for third through fifth grade, a section for sixth through eighth grade, and a section for high school use.

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