SeeSaw Unveils New Features at ISTE 17

This morning at ISTE 2017 I had a nice conversation with Carl Sjogreen from SeeSaw. Carl shared with me the newest features being added to SeeSaw. The following new features will be available on July 5th and are available to preview here at the ISTE conference.

1. A new teacher-to-student and teacher-to-parent messaging system has been added to the latest version of SeeSaw. This will let teachers send announcements to students and parents. Students and parents can receive announcements via SMS and push notifications.  Parents, but not students, can reply to a teacher’s announcement.

2. The home screen for teachers has been redesigned to simplify the process of finding and selecting your courses.

3. Teachers can how select and or upload a class icon. Teachers can also select a custom color scheme for their class home screens.

4. The parents’ view of SeeSaw has been redesigned. The new design consolidates a parent’s view of his or her child’s work across multiple classes. More importantly, parents can now search for their children’s work according to date and or standard folder. As Carl explained to me, this will let parents quickly compare the work their children did in September with the work they did in May.

And if you missed it earlier this year, SeeSaw added a text labeling tool that you and your students can use on images. Watch the videos below to see how the labeling tool works.


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