Publish This Email – A Simple Blogging Tool is the latest in a string of relatively new services offering a quick and easy way to publish your writing online. lets you create simple webpages by just sending an email to The email that you send to that address will be turned into a webpage in a matter of seconds. You will be emailed a link to your new page. In your page you can include text and images, but video isn’t supported.

The service does have some drawbacks. First, you can delete your page but you cannot edit your page once it is published. Second, anything that appears in your email signature will be published. For example, my email signature includes my phone number. You’ll need to delete your signature before sending an email to

Applications for Education could be handy for teachers who want to quickly publish a webpage to announce an event. Some students might like the service for publishing a somewhat anonymous blog.

There are some concerns to note with The biggest concern is that students are going to be sending emails to a service that hasn’t published any privacy statement that I can find.

At this point I’m inclined to recommend as a better option for publishing writing online without the need to create an account or use an email address.


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