History Project Vignettes

The History Project is a service that I like to describe as StoryCorps With Timelines. When the service launched last summer it was designed to help people record and share personal stories in a timeline format. Each event on a timeline can include multiple pictures, text, and audio that you either record in the service or upload from a previously made recording. After using The History Project for a while I realized that although it was made for recording and sharing personal stories, it can be used to create timelines of any series of events.

Last week The History Project added a new format in which users can share stories. That new format is called Vignettes. Vignettes are essentially short slideshows of up to twelve images with minimal text. The slideshows automatically display in full screen at web addresses that are automatically assigned to them.

Applications for Education
The History Project Vignettes could provide your students with a quick way to share the highlights from a long timeline that they have constructed. Think of it as providing a summary of a timeline in a slideshow format.

See this blog post for a comparison of The History Project with six other multimedia timeline tools.


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