Plum’s Creaturizer – A Neat AR App to Get Kids Exploring Outdoors

Creaturizer from PBS Kids is a free iOS and Android app that lets students create fun cartoon creatures then place them into outdoor settings through the use of augmented reality. In the app students create cartoon creatures by swiping and tapping on the features they want their creatures to have (students can have multiple creature creations in the app). Then students go outside to take pictures that place their creatures in settings in which they utilize the features and traits of the fictional creatures. For example, I created a creature that had antlers, a long nose, and short arms. The app then challenged me to take a picture that illustrates how my creature would use its antlers in nature.

Applications for Education
Now that spring is here (in the northern hemisphere) I find myself thinking of fun ways get kids involved in outdoor learning activities. Creaturizer could be a fun app to have your students use to show what they know and or think about how animals use their bodies and adapt in nature.

Creaturizer doesn’t require students to create accounts so it is convenient for elementary school students to use.


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