New Google Classroom Features Focus on Individual Instruction

Earlier today Google added some new features to Google Classroom. The most notable of the new features is the option to give assignments to individual students or subsets of students within a class. To do this you will deselect the default sharing option of “all students” and then select the students that you want to receive the assignment. Detailed directions are available here.

Another new option in Google Classroom lets you receive notifications when students submit assignments past their due dates. And you can now receive notifications when students re-submit assignments. You can find notification set-up directions here.

The third Google Classroom update of note is for administrators. The admin console now lets administrators see Google Classroom usage in aggregate. The admin reports include how many classes and posts are being created. More information about admin console reports is available here.

Applications for Education
Besides the obvious application of using the distributing differentiated assignments, the new option to give assignments to individuals through Google Classroom could helpful in getting assignments to students who are out of school for an extended period of time.

Thanks to Mark Damon for the notice about the latest Google Classroom updates. 


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