Two Options for Collecting Students’ Questions to Appear on Review Games

Earlier this week I received the following email from a reader,

My desire is to create a database of questions in multiple choice, short answer and T/F . I guess a quiz, however I would like to “share” (like g docs) this database with my students so that they could add questions .

What app or program would be best for this (open source)?

I had two suggestions to offer. First, Triventy is a free online quiz game platform that is similar in concept to platforms like Kahoot and Socrative. Triventy differentiates itself from the crowd by allowing you to accept question suggestions from students. You can see an overview of Triventy in this video that I published in January.

The other tool that I suggested was Quizlet. Quizlet is an online and mobile (free Android and iOS apps available) for creating and studying flashcards. All of the flashcards that you create on Quizlet can be made public. Your students can create and publish flashcards too. Then you can can create a folder within Quizlet in which you collect all of the flashcard sets your students have created. Once you’ve put those flashcards into a folder in your account you can create quiz games by using the Quizlet Live option.


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