Six Tools for Creating Classroom Quiz Games – A Comparison Chart

Twice in the last week I have given presentations about tools for creating fun formative assessment activities. The most popular part of that presentation is when we play a couple of quiz games in Kahoot and Socrative. Those are probably the best known quiz game platforms. They are not the only quiz game platforms. There are some other good ones. All of them have a common purpose, to make review fun, and all of them have some common features. The comparison chart embedded below can help you see the different features of six popular quiz game tools. Those tools are Kahoot, Quizizz, Quizalize, Triventy, Socrative, and Quizlet Live.

The features that are common to all six platforms are:
1. Teachers can collaborate on quiz creation by accessing published quizzes and modifying them for their own classroom use.
2. All of these quiz game tools let teachers get results in a spreadsheet format.
3. Teachers can set the games to give students immediate feedback on their answers.

The chart embedded above is hosted on You won’t be able to view the chart if your school’s network blocks If that’s the case, you can view a Google Docs version of the chart.


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