Quick & Powerful Video Projects – A Wednesday Webinar

When I was a middle school student (decades ago now) my classmates and I made some videos about the countries that we were studying in our geography class. Those projects took us weeks to complete because our video creation tools were limited to the one video camera that we had to use. Today, that same project could be completed in a class meeting or two. In my first Wednesday Webinar, Quick & Powerful Video Projects, you will learn how to plan a video project that your students can complete in a class or two.

In Quick & Powerful Video Projects, this Wednesday at 4pm EST, you will receive ideas and instruction on how you can engage your students in video creation projects. You don’t need any special software to complete the projects that we’ll look at in this webinar. Registration is open now.

Five things you will learn in this webinar:

1. How to plan a video project that will engage your students.

2. How to safely share videos in K-12 environments.

3. Discover and use public domain and Creative Common licensed media.

4. How to build a classroom media gallery.

5. Ideas for assessing students’ videos.

Registration for my Wednesday Webinars is $20 each which includes participation in the live webinar, unlimited access to the recording of the live webinar, hand-outs, and a PD certificate.

Register by 9pm EST on Monday and you can save 50% by using the code “cybermonday” at checkout.

This webinar will be available as a recording
If you cannot make it for the live webinar at 4pm on Wednesday, I will send you a recording of the live webinar. 

More Wednesday Webinars

Later this month I will be hosting two more Wednesday Webinars. On December 14th I will host Winning Blog Strategies. And on December 21st I will host YouTube, It’s Not Just Cats & Khan Academy. Registration is now open for both webinars. Use the code “cybermonday” to save 50% if you register before 9pm EST today.


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