Try Flippity’s Mix & Match Template to Generate Random Story Starters

Flippity is a great website that provides templates for creating games, quizzes, and flashcards in Google Sheets. Recently, Flippity published a new template that could be great for creating random story starters.

The latest Flippity template is called Mix & Match. Mix & Match lets you create an online grid that features random bits of information or random phrases that you write into your spreadsheet. You enter the information that students see into a spreadsheet arranged in columns with headings of your choosing. When students view your Mix & Match page they can then hide parts of the page’s display to create sentences. See the demo here or look at the screenshot below for a visual.

Applications for Education
There are lots of ways that you could use Flippity’s Mix & Match template in your classroom. These are some of the ways that immediately came to my mind when I tried it out:

  1. Create “Mad Libs” style story starters. 
  2. Create a matching activity in which students match event names to details. 
  3. Create a matching activity in which students match place names and locations. 
  4. Create a random story generator on which students select a topic, character, action, and first sentence of a story. 

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