Mentimeter Adds Options for Image-based Polling

Mentimeter is a convenient service that lets you create and distribute poll questions for an audience to answer during a presentation. Your audience can respond to your questions on their phones, tablets, or laptops. Earlier this year Mentimeter added a quiz option to their services. That option works much like Kahoot or Socrative. This week Mentimeter enhanced their services again by adding an image option.

Mentimeter now lets you create image-based polls and image-based quizzes for your students to respond to on their phones, tablets, or laptops. You can use the image-based quiz or poll option with multiple choice or open-response questions.

Applications for Education
One of the neat features of Mentimeter is found when you use the open-response question format. You can have all of your students’ responses displayed in a word cloud. This lets you and your students quickly see the most frequently used words and phrases from all students’ responses. Mentimeter includes a profanity filter to preserve a classroom-friendly environment.


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