5 Benefits of Having a Classroom Blog

1. Being authors on a blog gives students the opportunity to share
their thoughts with you, their classmates, and their parents on a longer
timeline than is typically feasible during a school day. Not every
student is going to be able to quickly articulate his or her thoughts
during a face-to-face conversation with his or her teacher. Having a
place to write down his or her expanded thoughts after a conversation is
one of the best benefits of inviting students to be authors on a blog.

Parents are privy to the comments and question that their children
raise in regards to school. Parents often complain that their kids come
home from school and say,”nothing” in response to the question, “what
did you do in school today?”

3. Authoring a classroom
blog can be a great way to create a record of what you and your students
do in your classroom. By the end of the school year it can be hard to
recall what you did in which week earlier in the school year. The blog’s
archive makes it easy to look back at the year.

Authoring a classroom blog provides students with a real-world audience
for their work. Connect with another classroom or two to become blogging
buddies. Students in each class then have an audience for their work
that extends beyond the typical confines of a paper-based writing
assignment or face-to-face classroom conversation.

5. A classroom blog can provide parents and students with a calendar of upcoming events and assignments.

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