Places We Can Connect

Over the weekend I received an email from a reader who requested more pictures of my dogs. The email simply read, “more dog pictures, please! Are you on Instagram?” Yes, I am on Instagram. My Instagram profile is public so that everyone can enjoy pictures of my dogs, scenery around western Maine, and any other random things that I photograph.

Other places that you can find me online:
Twitter – I Tweet my blog posts, links to the blog posts of others, and answer questions as best as I can. Occasionally, I’ll share a picture or two on Twitter.

Facebook – The Free Technology for Teachers Facebook page has about 428,000 likes right now. I have a personal Facebook page that I use only for friends and family. My rule of thumb on accepting friend requests on my personal Facebook page is that we have to have shared some kind of meaningful in-person experience like working together, eating together, playing sports together, or being from the same gene pool.

YouTube – My YouTube channel now has more than 300 tutorial videos that I’ve created.

LinkedIn – I’m on it, but I’m rarely on it more than once a week.

Pinterest – I have some Pinterest boards. Admittedly, I stopped using it for a while and now I’m back on it.

Email – you can always email me at richardbyrne (at) I do my best to respond quickly. I do appreciate being addressed by name in an email instead of just “hey” or “hi” (pro tip for PR people, using an spelling my name correctly drastically increases your odds of me opening and reading your email).

Let’s connect offline:
In June I’ll be at a bunch of events, please say hello if you see me. Or Tweet me to meet up with you. This is where I’ll be in June in this order:
Glendale, AZ
Abilene, TX
Amarillo, TX
Topeka, KS
Flagstaff, AZ
St. Joseph, MO
Nashville, TN
Denver, CO – ISTE Conference


Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!