Front Row – Adaptive Math & ELA Practice for K-8 Students

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Front Row is a service that offers teachers a nice way to deliver practice math and ELA activities to their students. The central feature of Front Row is that students are given practice activities based upon their individual needs.

To get started with Front Row teachers register and create class rosters. Students then join their teacher’s class by entering a class code on the Front Row student website or on the Front Row iPad app for students. Once students have joined your class they complete an evaluation assignment to determine a baseline of their current skills in an area. Subsequent assignments can be adapted based upon that baseline information. In both the Front Row web app and iPad app students have digital scratch paper to use as they figure out answers to questions.

Front Row is available in a free edition and in a paid school-wide edition. The paid edition offers additional reporting data for teachers and administrators.

Applications for Education
Front Row could be a good tool for tracking students’ progress in mathematics and ELA then giving them practice activities that help them improve in areas the areas in which they are not as strong as they could be. Front Row won’t replace the need to work with students individually, but it could help you identify which areas to focus on with them.


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