Google Calendar Reminders Coming Soon to a Browser Near You

The Google Calendar Android and iOS apps have offered task reminder alerts for quite a while now. I certainly appreciate most of the reminders that pop-up on my phone. But I don’t always have my phone next to me or have audible alerts turned on when I’m working on my computer. That forces me to look in my email for my task reminders or use Hashtag ToDo to add and see reminders in my web browser. Fortunately, Google announced today that over the next couple of weeks Google will be rolling-out a reminders feature in the browser-based version of Google Calendar.

The new reminders option in Google Calendar will let you create task reminders within the browser-based version of Google Calendar. Reminder tasks that you don’t complete on a given day will automatically forward to the next day until you complete the task. 
Applications for Education
For students in school districts that are using Google Apps for Education, this new Calendar feature could provide a good way to keep track of homework assignments for each of their classes. 

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