ClassDojo Presents a New Series of Videos on Growth Mindset

A few months ago ClassDojo published a series of videos about growth mindset. Those video, produced in association with Stanford University’s Project for Education Research That Scales, were accompanied by discussion guides to use with students and their parents. The series proved to be popular so ClassDojo has announced the launch of a second series of videos and discussions about growth mindset.

The second Big Ideas series produced by ClassDojo continues with the theme of growth mindset. In the first episode of the new series we see the main characters Katie and Mojo tackle the problem of the “the dip.” The video aims to teach students how to identify a “dip” and what to do about it. The video is embedded below. Discussion questions can be found in this PDF.

Applications for Education
ClassDojo’s Big Ideas video series can be used in any K-12 classroom. The discussion guides that accompany each episode are suitable for K-6 students. When you download the discussion guide (PDF) you will also download a sheet of “tear away” questions that you can send home with your students to discuss with their parents.

For resources to use with older students, take a look at the Mindset Kit produced by PERTS at Stanford University.


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