PrepFactory Helps Students Prepare for the SAT & ACT

PrepFactory is a free service that offers excellent SAT and ACT preparation activities. The site offers free guides to SAT and ACT strategy along with a plenty of review activities to help students sharpen their skills and knowledge before taking the ACT or SAT.

PrepFactory recently launched a new design. The new design heavily emphasizes skills and strategy. In the new design when students sign into their free PrepFactory accounts they are greeted by an overview road map. Students select a test and a test section to begin learning. In each test section overview there are strategy videos followed by a series of five practice questions. Each video is roughly five to ten minutes long. Completing the practice exercise after each video should take students another ten minutes.

After students have completed the strategy tutorials in PrepFactory they can move on to playing review games. (Students can also play these games without completing the strategy tutorials, but that is not recommended).

Applications for Education
One of the better ways to prepare for a test is to review small chunks frequently. PrepFactory provides students with a good review system that breaks SAT and ACT review into bite-sized modules for each of the topics on the tests; each module contains a 3-5 minute video, notes on the video, and a five question video review quiz.

The modules help to identify problem areas for students. PrepFactory also provides tools to allow teachers to manage their classes by keeping track of how many modules their students have completed, and whether or not they’ve mastered strategy tips and tricks related to the SAT and ACT.

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