Track Who Has Completed Your Form and More in the Latest Version of Google Forms

Over the last few months Google has tried to persuade people to use the new version of Google Forms. I, like many others, have been reluctant to change because the new version lacks some of the functions that I love about the older version of Google Forms. Today, I received an email from Brooks Hocog, who works at Google, informing me that the features many of us have wanted in the new version of Google Forms will be rolling out soon (some users may already see the latest updates).

The latest update to the new version of Google Forms brings with it support for Forms Add-ons and Google Apps Scripts. You will now be able to use Add-ons like g(math) and Choice Eliminator in the new version of Google Forms. 
Google Forms users within a Google Apps for Education domain will now be able to directly track who has and who hasn’t completed a Form. You will have to send direct invitations to your Form in order for this function to work. The great thing about this function is that if you see someone hasn’t completed your Form, you can send him or her a reminder through the “send reminder email” function in Forms. 
Here’s Brooks Hocog’s run-down of some other new and or updated options in Google Forms. 

  • Use Templates from the Google Forms home screen: Use the templates now available on the Forms home screen to jumpstart your Form creation. We currently offer templates for customer feedback, event sign-ups, quizzes, and more.
  • Email notifications on Form submit: You can now get real-time email notifications when someone responds to your form.
  • View individual responses from the Forms editor: In addition to the summary of responses currently available in the Forms editor, you can now see individual survey responses as well. This will save you valuable time when analyzing your Forms. You can also print or delete individual responses from this screen.

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