MoocNote 2.0 – More Features for Creating Video Lessons

Last month I wrote a review of free video lesson creation tool called MoocNote. At the time it allowed you to add time-stamped comments, questions, and links to videos. Today, I learned that MoocNote has added a bunch of new features that teachers will like.

You can now build video lessons on MoocNote by using videos from your Dropbox or Google Drive account. This is a huge enhancement for teachers who work in environments that block YouTube. It’s also great for anyone who has made his or her own videos and wants to add interactive question elements to them.

The latest version of MoocNote includes an option for creating groups or classes. You can create public or private groups with which you share your video lessons. You can arrange all of your videos into courses then share those courses with the group. If your course is a work in progress, you can add to it as needed and everyone in your group will see the additional content as you add it.

Finally, students no longer have to create accounts on MoocNote in order to view lessons that you make public. If you make your video lesson public, anyone can view it. If you want to keep your video lesson private, students will have to register to view it. MoocNote now supports using a Google Account to log-in.


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