Zoom – Record Video Conferences in HD

Zoom.us is a great service for hosting and recording video conferences in high definition. I was introduced to it by Rod Berger when he proposed using to record segments for the #askRichardByrne video series that we’re producing. I’m glad he recommended it because it is a fantastic tool.

Zoom.us allows you to record your video in a side-by-side format to equally feature both people in the recording or switch between featuring one person more than another in the video (click here for an example). When you record through Zoom you’re given an HD video file to save locally as well as a separate HD voice recording. Zoom isn’t limited to just webcam views as you can also share your screen through the service. Zoom’s free plan allows you to record for up to forty minutes in each video. The number of videos that you can create is not limited.

Zoom does require that you install a desktop client in order to call, receive calls, and to record.

Applications for Education
Zoom.us could be a great platform to use to record the virtual appearance of an author or expert in your classroom.

As you can screenshare through Zoom it could be also be a good platform for hosting remote tutoring sessions and or creating short instructional videos.


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