Create Rubrics and Email Grades from a Google Spreadsheet

Online Rubric is a Google Spreadsheets Add-on that enables to you create rubrics, enter scores, and email scores to students all from one place. Online Rubric provides very clear instructions for each step of the processes of creating a roster sheet, creating a rubric, and emailing grades to students.

To start using the Online Rubric Add-on open the Add-ons menu in a blank Google Spreadsheet. Select “get Add-ons” and search for Online Rubric.

Once you’ve given Online Rubric permission to run on your Spreadsheet there are three basic steps you need to complete. The first step is to create a roster. Rosters are made by entering student’s names and email addresses (optional). The second step is to actually create your rubric. Unlike some online rubric services, with the Online Rubric Add-on you can build as many rubric cells as you like. You can assign any point values that you want to use for each rubric cell. When you’re ready to enter grades you will use your roster sheet to enter point values for each rubric cell. To email grades simply select “email grades” from the Online Rubric Add-on.

Applications for Education
As you can collaborate on Google Spreadsheets, Online Rubric could provide teaching teams with a way to collaborate on the development of rubrics. It also provides an opportunity to share in the responsibility of scoring assignments.

I have never been a big fan of using canned rubrics for grading as I find many of them to be too prescriptive for my liking. That said, I realize that many people like them and use them frequently. For people who like to use rubrics or have to use them (as I did for a while about five years ago) the Online Rubric Add-on does provide a good way to build rubrics, score assignments, and send grades.


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