Remind 2 Me – Send Future Reminders to Yourself

Update, May 2021: The resource featured in this blog post is no longer online. 

A couple of weeks ago I published a post about a service called Future Me that enables you to write letters to be sent to yourself at a future date. That service works well but a few readers expressed concern about Future Me’s gallery of public letters. Remind 2 Me is similar in concept to Future Me except that it doesn’t offer a public gallery of letters.

Using Remind 2 Me is very easy. To have reminders sent to you, just write out your reminder to yourself, enter your email address, and enter the date on which you need the reminder sent. You do not need to register for an account to use Remind 2 Me.

Applications for Education
My vision for Remind 2 Me in a classroom is the same as the one for Future Me. Both services could be used at the beginning of a school year. Students could write about what they hope to learn that year, what they do or don’t like about school, and goals that they have for themselves. Then at the end of the school year students can read their letters and see how they’ve changed over the year.


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