RefME Web Clipper Makes It Easy to Cite Webpages

RefME is a service designed to help students create bibliographies. The RefME mobile apps allow students to scan a book’s barcode and have the reference information added to a folder in their online RefME accounts.

After creating a RefME account students create their first projects in RefME. A project is essentially a folder for the citations that students are going to create for a paper. Students select a project name then add a reference to it by scanning the barcode on a book or periodical. When they have finished scanning all of their references (they can also add references manually) student can export their lists of citations to Evernote, email the list, or create a Word document of citations on the RefME website.

This month RefME launched a Chrome extension that makes it easy for students to create citations for any webpage including pages that only feature videos. With the RefME Web Clipper installed students can simply click the extension whenever they want to create a citation for a page. The extension will format a citation and add it to the student’s chosen folder in his or her RefME account. The extension be used to highlight portions of a page to add to the citation too.

Applications for Education 
RefME could be a great tool for students to use to keep track of their reference materials as they put together research projects. The option to manage multiple projects could be helpful to students who are working on multiple research projects at the same time.


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