Commenting on Dropbox & Box Files – Alternatives to Google Drive

It is not a secret that I love Google Drive and use it for nearly everything that I do in my professional life. I know that not everyone loves Google Drive the way that I do therefore I also have Dropbox and Box accounts that I use for sharing files. Dropbox recently added a new option for all Dropbox users to comment on shared files.

Now in your Dropbox account you can open a file, write comments about the item in the file, and mention people in your comments. Mentions are created by using “@” and a person’s name from your contacts or by simply entering a person’s email address. When you mention a person in a comment he or she will receive a notification.

Click image for full size. offers a similar commenting functionality. Open a file preview in your account and you can write comments and or assign tasks to collaborators on the file. The downside to this system is that your collaborators will have to download the file in order to make changes.

Click image for full size.

Dropbox and Box offer a limited amount of free storage compared to Google Drive. But both services frequently run promotions through which you can get more storage by Tweeting, Facebooking, or emailing promotions to your friends.

H/T to The Next Web for the Dropbox update.


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