5 Email Etiquette Tips for Students – Some for Teachers Too

One of my pet peeves is receiving an email that from someone that just launches into a request without stopping to address me by name. For years I have told students that I won’t reply to emails if they don’t write “Hi Mr. Byrne” or something similar to start their emails. Many of my colleagues have similar policies, I’m sure that many of you do too. Using your recipient’s name is one of five good email etiquette tips for students featured in the video embedded below.

The video above was created by Yolanda McCarthy and her colleague Mrs. Watkins. As you can see they used PowToon to create the video.  I think it’s a great example of creating a short video lesson with PowToon. PowToon allows you to drag and drop clipart, text, and animations together to create a video like the one you see above.

The video below from Entrepreneur provides some good tips and reminders that adults can use in the workplace. They are also tips that high school students should be learning as soon as possible.


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