Dinosaster – A Game About Dinosaur Extinction

Culture Street produces a number of neat online activities for kids. In the past I’ve reviewed their stopmotion video tool and comic book creator. This morning I received an email from Culture Street about a new offering in the form of a game called Dinosaster.

Dinosaster is an online game in which students move a dinosaur across a timeline in a Mario Brothers-like style of running and jumping. The object of the game is to hit each dinosaur bone along the way. When a new bone is grabbed a new fact card about a dinosaur appears on the screen. The object is to get all the cards and discover why the dinosaurs became extinct.

Applications for Education
Culture Street offers a simple lesson plan and worksheet (link opens PDF) to use in conjunction with Dinosaster. The game itself is rather simple, but it could be a fun introduction to a larger lesson about dinosaurs. I have a handful of other resources about dinosaurs available here.


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