Prezi Is Now Available on Android Devices – Present Remotely

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The popular presentation tool Prezi has released a new Android app. The new app allows you to access all of the presentations in your Prezi account. You can view your presentations and present them remotely from your Android phone or tablet.

The remote presentation option in Prezi Android works the same way as it does in Prezi for iPad. To present remotely select “present remotely” in your presentation’s sharing options. Prezi will generate a remote sharing link that you should then distribute to your audience. Through that link your audience can follow your slides on their laptops, iPads, or Android devices. When you move the slides, the slides move on the devices being used by the members of your audience.

Applications for Education
Using remote presentation services like that available through Prezi’s new Android app is a good way to keep your students on the same slide that you’re projecting. Likewise, remote presentation services provide a good way for students to share with classmates.

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