Now You Can Customize Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers in Google Docs

One of the complaints about Google Docs that I’ve heard for years is that it isn’t easy to apply proper headers, footers, and cover pages to documents. This week Google took steps to change that for Google Apps for Education users.

You can now customize the placement of headers and footers in your documents. You can specify which pages those headers and footers appear on which makes it possible to create a cover page within your document. To customize header and footer placement just open the insert menu in your document and select header. Once your header is inserted you will have the option to display it or not display it on a page.

Google Docs users can now customize the placement of page numbers on their pages too. Open the insert menu then select page numbers to specify the placement of your page numbers.

Applications for Education
The new options for customizing headers, footers, and page number placements should make it much easier for students to format their papers to meet academic standards.

Thanks to Skip Zalneraitis for sharing this news on Google+ this morning. 


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