CK-12 Launches a New Collection of Elementary School Math Resources

CK-12 has long offered tutorials and practice exercises for middle school and high school science and math students. Today, CK-12 unveiled a new collection for resources for elementary school mathematics. The collection is organized by grade level (grades 1 through 5) and skill. The resources are a mix of videos and online practice exercises.

While the CK-12 elementary school mathematics collection offers a lot of skills sections (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, clock reading, measurement) each section appears to be fairly limited in its offerings. I checked five skill sections, one in each grade, and each was limited to one video and one exercise. That said, if you sign-in on CK-12 you can add your own resources to a section.

Applications for Education
CK-12’s new elementary school mathematics resources collection could be helpful to parents who are trying to reinforce what their children have learned in a mathematics lesson in your classroom.


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