PBS Kids Writers Contest for K-3 Students

PBS Kids recently announced the launch of a creative writing contest for students in Kindergarten through third grade. The contest asks students to create short fiction stories (50-200 words for K-1 students, 100-350 words for 2nd and 3rd grade students). The stories must be accompanied by at least five illustrations developed by students. Students submitting winning entries will receive a prize package that includes ARTHUR® books and a personal technology device (that’s how PBS described it, what that device actually is is a mystery to me). Click here for the full contest rules and prizes.

Applications for Education
The PBS Kids Writers Contest itself doesn’t get me too excited. The reason that I’m sharing it is that PBS Learning Media offers some good resources for helping students develop short creative stories. In the PBS Learning Media resources accompanying the contest you can find writing guides and brainstorming templates that students can use in developing short stories even if they’re not planning to make submissions to the PBS Kids Writers Contest.


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