Twister – Create Tweets from Historical Characters

Twister is another fun tool from Twister, like Fakebook and Fake SMS allows you imagine what historical figures would have done if they had access to social media. On Twister you can create fake Tweets as if you were Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, or any other person in history.

To create a fake Tweet on Twister just go to the site and enter a name, a Tweet, and date stamp for your Tweet. Twister will pull a public domain image for the profile picture and show you the fake Tweet. Your fake Tweet will be given its own URL. You can also just take a screenshot of it to save it.

Applications for Education
Creating fake Tweets through Twister could be a fun way for students to summarize the main points of notable speeches like the Gettysburg Address. You could also have students use Twister to create fake Tweets about important events in history.


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