ExamTime Presents a Mind Map About Creating Mind Maps

ExamTime is a service that students can use to create flashcards, mind maps, and practice quizzes to help them study. After I published my chart of free mind mapping tools, the folks at ExamTime shared with me a mind map about creating mind maps. ExamTime’s mind map on mind maps outlines ideas and best practices for developing mind maps. That mind map is embedded below.

Mind Map created by PatrickNoonan with ExamTime

As mentioned above, ExamTime offers a free tool for creating mind maps. Their mind map tool supports the use of text and images. The video embedded below provides an overview of how to use ExamTime’s mind mapping tools.

Applications for Education
Creating mind maps or webs is one of my favorite ways to organize ideas and information. I’ve often had my students create mind maps as an exercise in making visual connections between important concepts, events, and people in a unit of study.


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