Enable Automatic Grading of Quizzes With Flubaroo for Google Sheets

Flubaroo is a popular Google Sheets Add-on that enables teachers to grade all at once all of their students’ responses to a quiz created in Google Forms. The latest update to Flubaroo enables automatic grading and emailing of grades.

The new autograde option in Flubaroo allows you to have students automatically receive their scores after submitting their responses to a quiz you created in Google Forms. The autograde feature will send students an email with their scores and the answer key (you can exclude the answer key). With autograding enabled students do not have to wait for you to run the grading process or wait for you to send emails.

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To use autograding in Flubaroo you still have to set an answer key and grade at least one submission before autograding will work. Click here for a complete set of directions on enabling autograding in Flubaroo.

Applications for Education
Using autograding in Flubaroo could be a great way to give students nearly instant feedback on practice quizzes that you give to them.


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